Accompanied by echoing breeze, beckoning you to come and experience the thrills of Natuna Island. Lose yourself in a tranquil hideaway islands, go island hopping, meet the locals and relax on secluded sandbanks. Surrounded by spectacularly turquoise waters, the land itself is made up of live coral reefs and sand bars, making the natural ecosystem here truly distinctive. Listen to the song of the exotic waves while exploring the beauty of the wild or enjoying the sundown session. Adiwana Jelita Sejuba Natuna offers a vast selection of activities to do in Natuna that can be tailored to your every whim to make your experience even more memorable.



Enjoy the finest flavours from the natural earth that will restore health and wellbeing. Combined with an abundance of visual treats and tastes, collide in a high taste gastronomic presentation, we ensure everything served will tempt your appetite. For breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, our restaurant offers all-day dining that will enrich your culinary journey. 

Hearing about the word “park” you may imagine a lot of flowers and plants, yet the main feature that form this Alif Stone Park is stone. Alif Stone Park, a famous tourist spot which situated in East Bunguran Sub-District, belongs to Natuna Regency in Riau Islands, Indonesia. Located in Sepempang Village, it is easy to reach from the capital of Natuna Regency – Ranai City. Near to the beach, Alif Stone Park offers you the truly nature call.  

Once you arrive at the island, a peaceful atmosphere and silence will openly welcome you. Feel the private space from this 1-hectare island, all visitors can get around the island easily. As an alternative, you can simply sit and relax near to the beach while enjoying the breezy wind and beautiful scenery of the sea. For those who love adventure, you should approach the east side of the island where many granites and stones are scattered beautifully. Listen to the soothing sound of the waves crashing those stones that gives the relaxing and astonishing sense.

Along the way to Senua island, you will be pampered by the exotic views of the crystal-clear sea water and beautiful coral reefs. Moreover, the view of Ranai Mountain is also magnificent to be visited. Other attraction in Senua island is coming from the swallow cave that directly overlooking to the seafront, which surrounded by steep rock. At the peak of the cave, we can see the magnificent view of Mount Ranai, Stone Sind, and Cape Coast.